When we’re stressed out it’s so easy to open a bottle of wine or go on a shopping spree. That ends up being a tactic the is only temporary. Except maybe the wine. LOL

We have to learn to take care of our bodies and minds instead of these quick fixes that only end up having our credit card bills stressing us out afterwards. Try some of these ideas that work too.

Take A Nap:

Taking a 5 min nap when you get home can relax your mind and your body. We need that separation time between our work life and our family life.

Drink Water

Stress can lead to dehydration. Drinking a glass of water fuels the brain. When the brain is tired it needs a boost and water is the easiest way to do that.


Do you really need to see every update on social media? Is every e-mail that important that you can’t shut of your mobile devices for 30 min. and take a break? 30 min. away from being active on your phone is enough time to de-stress. So, put down those phones and tablets and go take a bath or a walk.

Do Just One Thing on your To Do List

Often we never get the little things taken care of because we seem to be putting out “fires” all of the time. Make a to do list and knock off one thing today. You’d be surprised that if you start taking one item at a time and crossing it off your “to do” list how satisfying that really is. Yay for you, you’ve accomplished something you’ve been putting off.

When we are stressed out muscles take the brunt of that. Take a half hour for yourself, relax those muscles. Read this article on how to reduce muscle soreness.