google my drive app for phoneGoogle Drive has an app that allows you to store all of your files, pictures, folders, videos and almost anything you would store in your computer can now be stored in your phone for easy access. This app even has backup available so you never have to worry about losing anything important. You can also file share, search content by name and edit sharing permission for certain files you’ve stored. You can also view your files offline if you happen to be off the grid.






You can get your life together with an App called, of course, Productive. This app keeps you on track with daily routines and gets you in the habit of staying on top of your tasks.  With this app you can plan your day, focus on what you need to do right now, get reminders so you get everything done you need to that day, you can also keep notes in this app.

an app to keep me on track

Family Scheduler App

Cozy is an app that is free and easy to use. You can keep your entire families schedule and activities on one app. You can also create lists  ( like chores for the kids) and share that with anyone in your family in real time.  Bring your grocery list with you if you use this app.  Remind your family about appointments they need to go to or ones you need to be at so they know where you are.








We all struggle to try and stay more organized and fit as much as we can into our busy lives. We hope you find these apps helpful with your crazy busy life. You may want to take a look at another recent article we did on cleaning up your cell phone so it will run faster. Take a look.  Let us know what apps you use that might be helpful to our readers.