More company’s have made a great effort to keep workers on the job safe. But there is more to be done to improve safety practices. Workers are still getting hurt and one of the biggest sources of injury is falls from higher elevations.

Workers falling from greater heights often results in life changing injuries, how do we stop more of these injuries from happening?  Keeping people safe from injuries is also our responsibility. The goal of every company is to have everyone on board with safe practices and that comes from workers taking the right precautions for themselves and noticing when another co-worker is not following the best safety practices and helping them get it right.  This also happens when workers attend and learn the safety training offered by a company. It’s often mandatory that an employee attend the safety training courses before they are allowed on the job site. 

It’s the company’s role to provide the right tools and training for work place safety. It’s the employee’s job to use those tools and follow the training provided. Too often an employee is in a hurry and forgets to take the necessary steps or doesn’t think an accident is going to happen to them. This is when the accidents usually happen.

No one wants to see a co-worker get hurt and no one wants to make that call to a family member when someone does get injured on the job. 

We need to work together to spot the dangers and don’t be afraid to speak up. Let your company know when there is a problem and ask what can be done to make it safer. If you need more training or have forgotten your safety training, ask your employer for more training. 

When you see a co-worker not practicing safe work place habits, remind them of what should be done. That person could be your working partner one day and would you trust them with your life if they are not following safe work practices?

Everyone should be able to go home at the end of a workday to their family’s injury free. We need to make a collaborative effort to make that happen.  Do you have your co-workers back, do they have yours? This is how we build a safer workplace along with the company’s participation in safe workplace practices. 

Look around your work area before you start a job. Is there anything that is not right?

We want to see you go home to your families at the end of the day.  Be safe!!