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How Light Affects Your Choice of Paint Colours

Choosing a paint colour for a space in your home is tough decision. Some homeowners can spend hours agonizing over those tiny paint chips at the hardware store before deciding on the perfect one. How frustrating is it then to spend all that money on paint, not to mention the time spent painting, only to

How To Paint Pumpkins

Gone are the days where everyone carved a pumpkin for Halloween. More people are getting creative by painting their pumpkins. Painting a pumpkin can be an easier way to include the younger ones in on the fun too. Before you buy your pumpkin make sure to select a pumpkin that is ripe. The rind at

#DIY How To Make A Fall Wreath

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. We lose our beautiful flowers, but we gain the vibrant colours from the fall leaves that are changing. The oranges and reds give us that warm fuzzy feeling. Bring those wonderful colours to your front door or above a fireplace by making a wreath. It's a great

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