Fall is such a beautiful time of year. We lose our beautiful flowers, but we gain the vibrant colours from the fall leaves that are changing. The oranges and reds give us that warm fuzzy feeling. Bring those wonderful colours to your front door or above a fireplace by making a wreath. It’s a great time to include the kids in a walk and participate in the creation.  You can substitute foliage that is available in your area.
In this picture we used oak leaves and artificial sun flowers (you can purchase sunflowers at a craft or dollar store)

What you could use:

dogwood branches

maple branches

oak branches

artificial sun flowers

Ever green branches. You can use what ever evergreen branches/stems that are available in your area

A wire wreath frame: You can buy these at a dollar or craft store near you.

Paddle Wire: This will be used to wire up the foliage you gather to the wire frame.

  1. Secure any evergreen branches you have around the wire wreath frame with paddle wire.
  2. Trim colourful branches such as maple/ oak or dogwood into smaller pieces and bunch small bundles with a mixture of each. Tie a few of these bundles around the frame with paddle wire. What you are trying to do is get a balanced mixture around the wire frame by alternating the different elements you want to introduce into the wreath.
  3. Continue working clockwise around the frame, alternating between adding small bundles and single larger branches. Once you have a full looking wreath with all of the branches and leaves you can then add the sunflowers in selected areas around the wire frame. ( Closer to Halloween you could take out the sunflowers and add little pumpkins.)
  4. You can add a red/ green or orange ribbon that would wrap around the top of the wire frame for hanging.

How easy is that? Use your imagination when you are walking the trails or neighbourhood to create a stunning wreath. Kids love collecting things they find. Ask them what they would like in the wreath. Fun family time.

P.S. You could also use a foam wreath and just stick in the branches and foliage into the foam without have to do the wiring.