Who says you can’t look good to work hard? Not Marissa McTasney; the Brooklin entrepreneur has successfully launched a line of women’s construction gear in female-friendly pinks, blues, reds and greens.  When Marissa McTasney decided to enter the skilled trades, the first hing she needed was a pair of steel-toed work boots.  Dissatisfied with the assortment of mundane tans and blacks, she tracked down a sales manager to inquire, “Where are the pink boots?”

“I get asked that all the time,” was the sales manager’s reply. 

so why, though McTasney, isn’t someone selling them?  the savvy entrepreneur quikcly capitalized on what she perceived as a hole in the marketplace by introducing a line of women’s construction gear.

She persevered with her pursuit of pink.  She discovered a company in China that would deliver what she wanted.  They sent her a picture and she ordered 30 pairs.

This article is no longer available online. 

Writer: Heather M. O’Connor

Photos by Holly McLellan