How long does shipping take?
Once we receive your order, your precious cargo leaves our warehouse within 1-5 business days.  We ship ground which normally takes between 5-7 business days depending on where you are located in proximity to our warehouses. Our Canadian Warehouse is in Melbourne, Ontario and our US Partner Warehouse; HOSS Boot Company in Buford, Georgia.

If you require your shipment by a certain date, please email us at and we will advise you our earliest ship date.

How is my order being shipped?

In Canada, we use Canada Post.
In USA, we use UPS.

Work Boot Emergency?

What is your return/exchange policy?
Wrong fit?
You may exchange or return our product! Contact and let us know what you need and we’ll provide the return shipping details.

Response time
Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a reply Monday to Friday.  We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Not your cup ‘o tea?
You can return product purchased within 30 days for full money back guarantee for the product.  Email and we’ll provide the return shipping details.



Do your work boots/shoes come in a wide width?
Please note the footwear sizing guides on each page of our footwear details.  You can print out the footwear guide which will assist in getting you the right fit the first time.  Our footwear is labelled wide and relates to a D width.
As a general rule and due to the multiple styles of footwear we carry from casuals to hikers to our extreme winter boot, each style does fit a little differently.  For most of our styles; when choosing the size of your shoe, if you normally wear a 7, buy a 7. A half size is typically the size of a sock so keep that in mind if you wear two pairs of big comfy socks, then you may want to go up a size.  If you wear nylons and you are buying one of our casuals then stick to your regular size – buy a 7 if you normally wear a 7.




Does the composite toe meet the same requirements as the steel toe?
Absolutely.  Here’s the diff!
Composite is a plastic toe cap – made for places that have metal detectors, it’s also thought that in the winter these don’t get as cold!
Aluminum toe – most of our footwear uses an aluminum toe, it’s a wee bit lighter than steel!
Steel toe – steel is still in the steel toe work boot business – it’s cheaper than the top two options and does the trick!
All three safety toes are rated with the same requirements.  (See next question for more info)


All of our footwear meets or exceeds the CSA and ASTM standards. CSA is the Canadian Safety Authority and ASTM is the American Society for Testing and Materials.  Our footwear is marked appropriately for both standards.  Please see each footwear page to view the specific standards and markings.  For more information and your reading pleasure or if counting sheep isn’t working, please visit: or

How to clean Betsy?

Betsy is pretty durable.  You can use a nu buck block (purchased from most footwear stores.)  You can also use water and a light scrub.  You can also use a light sandpaper on any marks.  BUT, please remember even though she’s pretty on the outside, she’s super tough on the inside.  She likes to get dirty, that’s why she was born! Please watch this video of our friend Leigh-Ann Allaire on Cityline show us how she protects her pink work boots.

How to take care of your work boots?
All of our footwear can take a pretty good beating.  We donated some footwear a few years ago and the boots who have been worn by hundreds are still kicking around the old jobsite!  These boots don’t need too much taking care of.  You can spray on any water repellant foot care products and polish them up with footcare products from any footwear retailer.

How do you find your moxie?
That’s one of the more difficult questions we get asked.  Some are born with it while some need to do a little soul searching.  In any case, one can find it. Moxie is the ability to face fear with spirit and courage.   For more information, please follow our chief work boot wearer on her own moxie journey.

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