Floods frequently occur during the spring thaw period and we’re often caught off guard when it does happen. We have some basic Flood Season Safety Tips  you should know about that may help protect you and your family before a flood happens.

Be Prepared ahead of time with an emergency kit:
* First Aid Kit
* Make sure everyone knows who they should contact and have those phone numbers in your cell phone.
* A whistle to attract attention to yourself.
* Dust mask to help filter out contaminated air.
* Garbage bags, antibacterial hand soap and moist towelettes for personal sanitation.
* Basic tools: Wrench, pliers and a hammer.
* Copies of important documents including insurance papers.
* Rain Gear and extra clothing.
* Bottled Water
* Maps for your area.
* Flashlight and batteries.
* Chargers for your cell phone and tablets so you can get updates and call emergency departments and family if you need to.

Leave the area as quickly as you can if a flood warning has been issued. Try to reach higher ground as quickly as possible.
Avoid walking through floodwaters, the water may be contaminated and in just 6 inches of water you can be knocked down, 2 feet of water or more can sweep a car away. Only return to your home when officials have declared the area safe.
Water and electricity do not mix and there could be dangers you don’t see. Do not enter your home if you’ve had water damage before you check with your electrical utility company or a certified electrician has cleared your home.

Create a flood evacuation plan with your family and make sure everyone knows what to do ahead of time.

These are basic guidelines, it’s always best to check with  local area agencies to find out more detailed information on what you need to do should a flood happen.

Keeping you safe at home or on the job is important to Moxie Trades.