A few Google employees have submitted for review emoji’s depicting working women that are more realistic of women’s career goals and combat sexism in the workplace.

There were 13 Emojis presented a week ago that show women working in the health care field, science, education, farming and construction to name a few. They have also create similar ones for men too. They hope to help empower girls around the world. Of the 1000 standard Emojis that are used globally, most are an object, food, men running and policing  while the ones for women are showing the dancing or cutting their hair. Because that’s all we do….right?

Wrong!!! Women are expanding their career choices like never before. Is this a good start for young women? Do you feel that this is going to make a difference? Emojis are super popular with the youth today, we hope that even this little bit of a difference will help young women feel they can do what ever they want as a career.