Dirt, grime, pollen and mildew and build up on your homes vinyl siding over the summer and winter months. Some of the stains can discolour your siding permanently if you don’t take care of it.  Keep your siding looking like new with these cleaning tips.
The best place to start cleaning your siding is from the bottom up. When you start at the top, all of that dirt and grime will flow down and make the job even harder than it needs to be.

Choose your cleaning solution. You can use 70% water mixed with  30% vinegar and this solution is good for light mold and mildew as well. Be careful with the vinegar because it can kill any vegetation that is close to the house.  For a stronger solution you can use a product like Simple Green or you could also mix one cup of oxygen bleach with one gallon of water. Both of those solutions are environmentally friendly.

You can use a pressure washer, but you have to be super careful that the pressure doesn’t damage the siding.

Do not use any chlorine bleach, liquid grease remember, nail polish remover as well as any highly abrasive scrubbers or steel wool; these will damage your siding.

Start with a section at a time and we recommend you go along an entire rows at a time. This way if you have to stop your project for any period of time your house doesn’t look as bad as when you would go down half a wall at a time until you can get back at it.

Make sure you wear rubber gloves while working with any chemicals or cleaning solutions. You can use an old towel or scrub brush and scrub the siding with the solution. After each section make sure you rinse off the clean areas before you start on another section. This will help prevent the dirt from sticking to the clean areas.

Cleaning your siding is a messy job, be sure to wear clothes that you’re not to concerned about getting wet or dirty.

After the siding is call clean, pour yourself a nice cool drink and sit back and enjoy the look of your home again.
You may want to relax in the tub and sooth those muscles after working so hard. We recommend an Epsom Salt bath.