Need more living space in your home? Look up! If you have an unfinished third floor that you just aren’t sure what to do with, the possibilities are endless.

Before you start the planning process, you will need to make sure that your attic is workable. Grab a tape measure and make sure that your space will conform with the “rule of 7s”. Ideally, at least half of the finished attic should be at least seven feet high, 70 square feet and seven feet wide. Building codes vary from one municipality to the next, so a contractor will be able to tell you if your town or city has more specific guidelines and explain how dormers can be used to remedy low ceiling issues.

Now that you know you CAN transform your attic, the question of what kind of space to create must be answered! Here are a few ideas for making the most of your third floor renovation:

Craft room: Pretty much everyone in the house can take advantage of a space dedicated to creative expression! The key to a functional craft room is organization, so be sure to include built-in storage and work spaces, utilizing every square inch of real estate. You’ll also want to let in plenty of natural light and add good lighting for those rainy day and evening projects.

A home office: If your dining room table or bed is currently doubling as your office, your attic could be transformed into a pleasant, quiet place where you can get some work done. Again, try to use every square inch of space, adding storage and lots of shelving. Include plenty of outlets, pot lights and a comfy window seat for brainstorming sessions!

Home gym: Sometimes the idea of heading to a dark basement to sneak in a work out isn’t all that appealing. A bright and sunny attic space might be the perfect solution. Ask your contractor about adding in a skylight to maximize the natural light. Choose the right equipment to suit your space and consider investing in a portable air conditioner if you’re concerned about being too warm during the summer months.

Playroom: A children’s playroom is another excellent way to use your unfinished third floor. Choose fun flooring, paint one wall with chalkboard paint, add lots of storage and comfortable seating and include a table for crafts, board games and snack time.

The light in this new attic space will be very different than other spaces in your home so, before you paint you new found space you may want to read our article How Light Affects Your Choice of Paint Colours