This year, we decided that we just had to do that little extra to honour another amazing Moxie Work Woman.  Paula Shockey stole our hearts and is our second place winner for 2018!!!  Prizing is $250 USD + Moxie Gear! Congratulations Paula!

Paula is a woman, mom, machinest and one moxie lady!

In her words….


Entering this contest has taught me a lot about myself.  When I listened to my parents (who own a successful sheet metal shop) read my rough draft out loud, there was a section where I said “A lot of people assumed I learned my trade from my family, and that those people were wrong that I had learned it on my own.”   I realized I was the one that was wrong!!!  Without my parents raising me to be honest, hard working, and to never give up I wouldn’t be who I am today.  So with that being said, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Paula Mae Shockey.  (A.K.A  P.M.S)  I am a 51 year old single woman and I work in the metal industry. I am a CNC machinist, as well as a welder.  I am the only woman in our shop, so my initials bring a little humor to our work day.  I have had many trials and tribulations in my life beginning with being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of nine, to an abusive marriage, and struggles with addiction. When I finally got out of my abusive relationship, I was a different person.   I had no self esteem or sense of self worth.   I raised a son and daughter on my own.  There were a lot of hard times but that only brought us closer together, and we learned the value of family.

In order to support my children I obtained my Class “A” CDL.  Over time I obtained all my endorsements except my hazmat. I still currently carry my CDL.  That accomplishment gave me the courage and self confidence to go further.  I applied for my first welding job about 15 years ago.  In a shop of 50 men or more I was the only women welder.  They tried to get me to quit with relentless harassment.  When I found myself in the bathroom crying, I decided I was not going to be pushed around anymore.  With a lot of guts and determination I finally earned their respect and they did mine. Despite all of the discouragement from others in my field, I was determined, and from there I’ve found there is nothing to stand in my way, disease, abuse, addiction, discouragement or doubt!!!
     After welding for a couple of years the opportunity to challenge myself further arose and I landed the job running the CNC Plasma table.  I have now been doing this for 13 years.  From the computer entries, to the forklift, to burning the parts and making sure they make it to the right department.  I do it all on my own and it is a very physically demanding job. Recently, I had a meeting with the Northwest Regional Operation Manager for a major worldwide company in Plasma systems.  A few weeks ago he came to our shop and informed my boss of how impressed he was with me, and gave them a jacket to give to me.  He said that I was the ONLY female operator in the Northwest Region and the only person that performed all the duties accompanied with this position alone. (Most have a helper to either load the computer or table etc.)  This has been a huge accomplishment for me.  It gives me a sense of pride to continue my stride!!  I’ve had many pairs of steel toe boots through the years but I must say, at the end of my day, whether it be work or play, with MOXIE I WILL STAY!!!!

I look forward to meeting with you and showing you what it is that I do!

I would love the privilege to prove that I AM the MOXIEST WOMAN 2018!!!!!!

From our Chief Work Boot Wearer

Paula, we are so honoured to hear your story and thank you for leading the role as a strong woman in a non-traditional field.  We need role models and your story and accomplishments touched our hearts.  Thank you