Inspired by her female mining experience, creator and founder Alicia Woods caught herself wondering why, with so many women joining unconventional careers, did they wear garments designed for a male’s body type?

This is where the idea for Covergalls Workwear was born. With unique features like rear trap door for easier bathroom breaks and tailored fit, there finally – is garment designed by women and for women working in the industrial sector.

As Covergalls grew, we realized the market went far beyond mining. Women across all male-dominated industries, on all different continents, faced the challenges of mens work wear. The Covergall is the next step for industries, taking workplace diversity to workplace inclusion.

Covergalls has evolved to be so much more than a workwear company. We now exist to conquer three main pillars within the industrial/trades sectors:

  • Health and Safety
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education and Advocacy

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