If you’re considering installing a glass sink, you’ll want to be confident that it’s going to continue to look great long after you’ve installed it.

I’m not sure about you but, I was initially daunted by the prospect of a glass sink. If you use the right methods of cleaning and care, it can be incredibly study and durable – as well as giving your home a sleek and modern look.

  • Cleaning and care will definitely be different from stone or ceramic sinks.
  • If the basin is made from glass, you’ll want to make sure you never pour scaling water into it. This is because a dramatic, immediate change in temperature can cause it to shatter and break.
  • Make sure it is installed with a glass ring support underneath; this will make sure it stays tight and leak-free.
  • A glass sink is see through so make sure you don’t over due it with the sealant when it’s being installed.
  • For extra safety you may want to opt for a sink made with safety glass.  However, be aware that a heavy object will shatter a glass basin – just as it would if it were made from porcelain.
  • Your indoor temperatures should be regulated, variances in temperature can cause thermal shock – and may break the glass.
  • Even minor cracks that happen you will have to replace the entire sink for it to remain safe for use.
  • When it comes to cleaning, glass sinks don’t require any special method, although it’s best to avoid using abrasive bathroom cleaning products, these will permanently scar the glass. For similar reasons, don’t use scourers or rough pads.
  • The best way to clean a glass basin is with a soft cloth, vinegar and water. This will remove water spots and keep it looking sparkling clean.

When they are treated properly, glass sinks can prove incredibly resistant to wear and tear, and will stay looking as beautiful as the day they were purchased. They may not be your first choice for a family bathroom or kids bathroom though.

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