An apprenticeship is the best way to get into the field of industry you have a passion for as a career. An apprenticeship gives you the hands on experience you will need in order to get your ticket in the trade you want to work in.
Bonus: During your apprenticeship you earn money while you work.

What you can do to get started;
Tip #1: Complete a pre-apprenticeship training program;
There are lots of programs offered through government agencies that will help you discover what trade you would like to get a ticket in. Check with your province or state to see what they have available. Plus it shows employers that you’re serious about the trade you want to have a career in.

Tip #2: Work as a general laborer;
Starting off as a laborer is a great way to get into a trade. There are employers that will hire you as a laborer and if you are a hard worker they will help you get into a trade that you can use while working with them.

Tip #3: Don’t be shy, call businesses;
You can go online and Google different businesses in your area and give them a call. Ask them if they are looking for apprentices. This is also a good way to find out what types of trades are needed in your area. If you’re going to do a trade as a career it’s good to know if it’s a trade where there is a shortage of apprentices. No sense in picking a trade and there isn’t a need for more people in that particular trade. Pick one where there is a shortage of trade’s people.

Tip #4: Go to the union hall;
A lot of companies only hire people or take on apprentices from a union hall. Check with your local union hall to find out what you need to know and who is hiring.

Tip #5: Build up your network;
Who you may know might matter. Check with family and friends and ask if they know any businesses that are looking for apprentices. Recommendations still go a long way in securing a job and this holds true for apprenticeships as well.

Tip #6: Use Social Media;
You can search on LinkedIn for companies where you would like to work. Find out what projects they’re working on so when you approach them you can speak about what is happening in their company. Often companies will post opportunities on LinkedIn that are not posted elsewhere.

We hope these tips help you. Remember there are lots of agencies and organizations available specifically for women to get into the trades field. Use the internet to find out if you have one in your city and give them a call to find out more information. Here’s an example of a Women In Trades Program in British Columbia, Canada.