Toronto, ON. Moxie Trades, the maker of the infamous pink work boot, expands its product line, offering complete safety for women in Canada. From it’s humble beginnings as a small Canadian start up, the company has pivoted to industry leader in safety gear aimed to keep women protected from head to toe, fashionably. 

Moxie’s focus for 2011 includes launching its complete line of women’s safety gear, known to be practical, durable, comfortable and stylish. The safety footwear line includes the Moxie Trades icon “Betsy” (the original pink work boot). Adding to the mix is a metal-free athletic runner, a static-dissipating athletic runner, slip-ons, oxfords, light duty work boots and in the fall, winter safety boots and eight inch work boots.

The apparel line includes Moxie denim overalls, carpenter pants and work pants and for those in the field; coveralls and uniform pants. Hard hats, tool belts, safety harnesses and safety glasses are also available. 

“I’m proud to be able to provide women with safety gear that is 100 per cent certified, made for a woman and has a flare of style to it,” says Marissa McTasney founder of Moxie Trades. “Women deserve the very best quality, the very best fit and the very best style. When I started out in the industry I couldn’t find a work boot made for a woman, and wasn’t willing to compromise my own personal style for safety so I took the boot by the horns and created one.” 

With an established position in the marketplace, Moxie Trades’ safety footwear, apparel and personal protection equipment has built a product line that satisfies the gap in the market for women’s work wear. Moxie Trades’ products are designed by McTasney who tests the items herself for quality and utility. She also rallies development feedback from her colleagues, customers and social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Moxie’s customers work on factory floors, rough outdoor terrain, and dangerous construction sites, in the field, and in our homes and Moxie Trades wants to keep her safe.


[mok’se] n. Slang. The ability to face fear with spirit and courage. Skill, know-how, adventurous, audacity, backbone, boldness, brave, determination, fearless, fortitude, guts, nerve, tenacity, toughness, valor.

Do you have Moxie? Moxie Trades is launching a nationwide contest for women “with moxie,” in search of Canada’s Moxiest Work Woman. Judges include CBC’s Dragon’s Den investor, philanthropist, and co-owner of Moxie Trades, W. Brett Wilson; Canada’s Top Female Handywoman, comedienne and Toolgirl, Mag Ruffman; Bryan Baeumler, President & CEO, Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. and Host of HGTV’s: Disaster DIY and House of Bryan; and Canada’s Chief Work Boot Wearer, Marissa McTasney. To learn more go

About Moxie Trades 

Moxie Trades was founded in Spring 2006 and successfully launched the world’s first line of CSA approved coloured work boots and accessories for women. Moxie Trades know-how has even landed them one of the biggest deals ever with CBC’s popular show the Dragon’s Den. Moxie can be found coast-to-coast in some of the most successful safety retailers in Canada including Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Work Authority, Mister Safety Shoes, Sears and other top safety retailers across the country. Moxie Trades is also enjoying business across the border in retailers such as Lehigh Outfitters and Sears.