If you’re starting to feel a little down or cooped up as the winter months drag on, you’re not alone! With the shortened days and lack of sunshine, many people start to complain of cabin fever setting in come February.

Did you know that your best bet for combating the winter blues is keeping busy? Make plans with friends, take up a new hobby, join a book club, arrange a trip, or plan a fun decorating project. The latter is a win-win choice – it will give you something to focus on until spring rolls around and add value to your home!

If you’re on a tight budget after the holiday season, the most affordable way to bring a tired room back to life is with paint. You can change the entire look of a room and make a big impact with a fresh, new colour. Avoid hues that are too bold and instead choose a complementary neutral like taupe or grey for the walls and add splashes of colour with throw pillows, window coverings or an area rug.

Accessories are very effective at tying a new look together. Use the furniture you already own and create a fresh feel by adding a few fun accessories. Check the sale and clearance sections at home décor stores for different patterns in throw pillows, lamps, blankets, etc. A cool mirror is an excellent option – it will open up the room, making it feel larger and more open.

If you’re having a hard time finding items within your budget, do a quick Internet search to find local flea markets, online resale sites like Varage Sale, second-hand shops and discount stores to discover affordable treasures. Whether you’re attracted to vintage pieces that you can revitalize or modern ones in good condition, you can find it all at a fraction of the cost.

Creating a well-decorated home doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With some creativity and some thrifty shopping you can achieve a beautiful space, stay within your budget and keep busy during the winter months.

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