Moxie Trades Supports Skilled Trades Training From YWCA

YMCA programWe support and want to promote the programs that Niagara YWCA is offering for the Niagara Region.  Offering services and programs unique to women in the St. Catharines area for over 12 years that are geared specifically for women.  They have delivered 40 workshops on site and at community partners’ locations.  Their success has helped over 120 women find employment with area employers.

The YWCA offers research and results on skilled trades:

We’ve been researching and conducting surveys for the past year+ considering opportunities to offer Skilled Trades Training and Career Opportunities for Women. There seemingly was little interest in skilled trades if referring to completed surveys by clients alone *however methodologies implementing change through marketing and promoting skilled trades career options has been positive!

Their research from a survey indicated that there was a high interest in things like welding, electrical skills, painting/decorating, cabinet making, carpentry, plumbing, heavy equipment, linework, landscaping, flooring installation and estimator.

Please feel free to get in touch with Tricia Graves, Job Developer YWCA Niagara.  She can be reached at 905-988-3528, ext 225.  Or email her here!