Welcome to what will be a hustling bustling Moxie Marketplace!

An online marketplace full of products from women-owned businesses. 

For the buyer: buy from women-owned businesses and help them reach their goals of financial independance

For the business owner: Test your product in the market or build your business. This market will offer a phased approach to mass distribution of your “widget.”

Phase 1 – sell products on www.moxietrades.ca and www.moxietrades.ca and www.moxietrades.ca/fr

Phase 2 – we’ll help you bring your products to mass distribution (if that’s in your plans)

Phase 3 – we’ll help you do it on your own once you’ve hit the break-even point

If you’ve followed along the Moxie Trades journey and the story of the pink work boot from founder Marissa McTasney, you already know that it’s never been about the work boots; it’s always been about the women who wear them.

Marissa has experienced many failures and also witnessed quite a few of them herself before she was able to get where her business is today. The big question Marissa asks is “so what can I do?”  “Do one thing or everything you can think of!”  Here’s what Marissa thought in the beginning of her business.   “In the beginning of  developing Moxie Trades 12 years ago,  I knew  that bringing a product to market is close to impossible; building a brand – even harder.   If it is possible,  I may lose my shirt or my house doing it or end up giving away the majority of my business.”  It worked and this doesn’t have to be this way for you either.  Capitalizing on the last 12 years of experience + a network beyond her dreams + a recognized and trusted brand + the best team – Marissa and her team have created a phased approach to bring your product to market.

If you are interested in showcasing your product on the Moxie Marketplace, please fill in the form below to get started.  Once your application is approved, we’ll send you and on-boarding template so your products can go live on-site.

Yours in moxie!


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